Monday, August 21, 2017


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Asked the students to form teams and give their opinion on a chosen issue, then ask questions to the audience to get their views and try to test their stand on the issue against popular opinion and if needed how the team can be more accommodating, flexible and evolving.

1. Are Engineers socially committed ?
Team A's view: Most of them are not socially committed. We agree with this view.

2. Do you see a change on the ground in the last 3 years?
Team B's view: Yes,there are many changes.

3. Are we forgetting how to celebrate festivals?
Team C's view: Yes, today's busy lifestyle changed the way of celebrations of festivals. 

4. Do you think women will emerge stronger than men in future?
Team D's view: In our view the women will emerge stronger.

5. Should govt. run liquor shops?
Team E's view: yes, but with some restrictions.

Image result for interaction of ideas

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