Thursday, November 5, 2015


Asked the student-groups to present before the class a SWOT analysis using a movie/story(fiction or real life) by describing two situations where there occurs a change (a contrast/transformation) in the way the importance/nature of a character is perceived.  
Image result for swot analysisIn one situation, it's an easy/enjoyable opportunity for the character to act with confidence and display his/her strength/self-worth. In other words, this situation can be called an adventure.
The other situation is a perceived threat for the character, a challenge/a difficulty that produces fear/lack of confidence/insecurity/doubts and can expose his/her weakness/irrelevance/worthlessness. This situation can be called a problem, a risk, a danger.

The students made their presentations group wise with all the members speaking something about the topic.
Some of the movies that were used as a case study were: 
1.Tare Zameen Par
2.Three Idiots
3.Chak De India
4.How old are you?
5.Lord Livinston 3000 Kandi


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