Thursday, October 1, 2015


Njan Sita
being a social animal we cant b detached from others. life is not all about thought and ideas..ultimately its about experiences. all of them are mere characters. but they do live inside us.we can experience them. and we imbibe some of their qualities..what we take from them shapes our characters. thats what i believe. i never tried to prove ram wrong. i wanted to present him in a new frame which i believe is a necessity of our time.

am not bored. its a pleasure..i dont think so.may b we r misinterpreting them. krishna destroyed kuru clan for humiliating a lady.shiv was madly in love with his wife and gave her half of his soul. rama was a great ruler and our politicians should learn tips from him. all of them have positives and qualities.. but we dont usually see that since we r too busy criticisng them. i always feel sympathetic toward karna. he never supported duryodhan willingly. he was just helpless . but he did apologize to droupadi through krishna. droupadi had insulted karna too. it was one of the strongest reason for karna's miseries and self loathing. she had wounded his pride using harsh words. when he got a chance he used it to insult her in return. i personally believe that it was this guilty that  led karna to the battle field and he was actually accepting his death as a punishment.
chithra banerjee's palace of illusions and mrityunjaya of sivaji savant give a beautiful picture of karna.

she had freedom.but in what ways, i am not sure.she always considered rama as the first figure..and gave herself a secondary position.this in fact makes her a wrong model for me.the basic principle of equality in matrimony is rejected by her..and the society which is in constant look out for methods to suppress the so called second sex use it as a weapon.she is projected as a model though the criteria are not known. we can  view her from different perspectives.but it all leads to almost the same conclusion. rama was more attached to the society.y didnt she make any attempts to do the same? bcs she conformed to the norms of the society and lived in the shadows of rama. she failed to use the space allotted to her. rama did live for others.and sita lived for rama.then what was the point about their individuality?? i value ur opinions..its quite natural to have different views..a healthy discussion is what sita needs in this most crucial time.

gud to see you thinking about these characters...i think that is what they actually are...characters/agents to make us think and discuss...the moment you say they are gods then they become the enemies of free/open thought. Sita is perfectly ok when we say that she is a female character and and she acted on her thoughts/instincts/feelings/beliefs/attitudes/knowledge of the past/perception of future/awareness of the present. So does Rama. They are all but actors. I don't find anything great about them in that respect. They are just like. Yes they do have admirable qualities. Qualities that we don't have. But why can't we see a person without his/her qualities? Is a human being all qualities? Then where is the soul? The soul of Ravana/Duryodhana is as pure as Rama/Krishana. So why hate/love some? Why do what our mind tells us do? Why can't we go beyond the mind and the game played by thoughts? Is life only a game of thinking - right/wrong/good/bad etc. Life is more than a game, a web of beliefs. That's why Krishna speaks about detachment. Even Karna was like krishna that's why he donates his kavacha to Indra knowing well that with that act his defeat is certain. After that all his actions are like a drama directed by himself. He knows the script all too well. So was Rama in many ways. They just let go.
Went thru ur thoughts...its good that our society is freeing itself from the shackles of "Masculine thoughts/ideas/views/sensibilities/worldview/notions/philosophies/ needs/pleasures/moralities/greatness/heroism/entertainment/ education/thought patterns/role models/social models/customs/traditions....
People like you are voicing such thoughts...the society is changing both physically and mentally. I am happy that I am talking to a very evolved person...a true human...keep voicing your thoughts thru ur words...and also I would like to read ur thoughts about Karna...any chance of getting that book u wrote before "Sita".

voicing out is rather easy.. but cant penetrate the minds which are resistant to new ideas..swasthi is published by TBS. its not my views about karna. he is a complex charecter. no one can do justice to dat many shades and experiences..i didnt dare to write his whole book is about his relation with his little brother.


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