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EC English for kids

 7 -10-2015

Ask me questions.

Name 1.What is your name?
      I am Raj.

Job  2.What is your job?
       I am a student.   

Father's name: 3. What is your father's name?  It is Rajan.

Mother's name  4. What is your mother's name? It is Radha.

5. Teacher's name? It is Venu.

6. Brother's name

7. Which is your native place?
It is Marad.

Please listen to a song...


 What is today's date ?
It is 14, 10, 2015. It is 14 th October, 2015.

Do it: A C T I O N S
1. Clap your hands.
2. Click your fingers.
3. Tap your shoulders.
4. Nod your head.
5. Blink your eyes.
6. Pull your ears.
7. Turn around.
8. Twist your body.
9. Touch the ground.
10. Slap your thighs.
11. Stomp your feet.
12. Say hello.

What are you doing?
I am writing.
I am sleeping, sitting, eating, bathing, running, cleaning. 

What are they doing?
Image result for ACTIONS
They are cycling.

What is she doing?
Image result for ACTIONS
She is exercising.
Image result for ACTIONS
What is he doing?
He is bowling.


What do you do?
I study.
What do you do, sir/madam/brother?
I teach.
I work in Baby Care.
I make furniture.


DATE: 25/11/2015

"I have...You have" Exercise
I have a pen. What do you have?
I have a tie.
I have a watch. What do you have?
I have a bag.
I have a bangle. What do you have?
I have a ring.

"I have a dream" Exercise
I have a dream. I want to become a doctor. A doctor gives medicines.
I have a dream. I want to become a soldier. A soldier protects our country.
I have a dream. I want to become a teacher. A teacher teaches.
I have a dream. I want to become an engineer. An engineer makes things.


Nov 4, 2015

I have a dream,
A song to sing.
To help me cope
with anything.

If you see the wonder 
of a fairy tale.
You can take the future.
Even if you fail.

What is there in the class?
There is a fan in the class.
There are three fans in the class.
There is a computer in the class.
There is a window in the class.
There are three windows in the class.


Date: 11-11-2015

How many members are there at home?
We are four members.
Mummy, What is there for lunch?
There is rice and fish curry/sambhar/chicken curry.

Mummy, What is there for dinner?
There is chappathi and fish curry.

Mummy, What is there for breakfast?
There is dosa and chuttney for breakfast.

Daddy, Do you have work today?
Yes, I have.

Daddy, Did you have work today?
Yes, I had.

Daddy, Will you have work tomorrow?
Yes, I will have.

Who is your best friend?
My best friend is ......

Where were you today?
I was in school.

Will you be busy tomorrow?
Yes, I will be. 

Do you speak English?
Yes, I do.

Do you like songs?
Yes, I do.

Are you writing?
Yes, I am.

When are you going home?
After this class, I am going home.

Have you done the homework?
Yes, I have.

Have you been playing football/shuttle/running?
Yes, I have been.


18 Nov 2015

What is your problem?
I have fever.
Did you have fever yesterday?
Yes I had.

Did you go to work yesterday?
Yes, I did.
I will give you some medicines. 
OK doctor.

What do you do?
I work in office.
Were you working today?
Yes, I was.
Will you take leave tomorrow? You need some rest.
OK Doctor, I will take leave tomorrow.

I am Doctor ......
I work in MIMS.
I see patients from 9 am to 4 pm.
I am a child specialist.
You are welcome to my hospital. 


25 th Nov 2015

My favourite game : Football/Shuttle Badminton/Cricket/Basketball/Ring

Tell me your favourite games...will you?

I play football...we also play football(9)

I play shuttle...we also play shuttle(16)

I play cricket...we also play cricket(12)

I play basketball...we also play basketball(12)

I play you play Football?
I like Shuttle you like Shuttle Badminton?
I am playing Cricket...are you playing Cricket?
I have played Basketball...have you played Basketball?
I played Football...did you play Football?
I was playing Shuttle Badminton...were you playing Shuttle Badminton?
I will play Cricket...will you play Cricket?
I will be playing  Basketball...will you be playing Basketball? 

2 nd Dec 2015

Are you all happy about holidays?

Were you confident in today's class? 

Will you be present in the next class?

Have you been here since 3.30 pm?

I am happy about holidays.

I was confident in today's class.

I will be present in the next class.

I have been here since 3.30 pm.

Do you have a good neighbour?

Did you have Spoken English class today ?

Will you have some free time tomorrow?

I have a good neighbour.

I had Spoken English class today.

I will have some free time tomorrow.

Is there a bus to Mathottam?

Were there guests yesterday?

Will there be Chapathis tomorrow for breakfast?

There is a bus to Mathottam.

There were guests yesterday.

There will be Chapathis tomorrow for breakfast.

9 th Dec 2015
1. What are you called at home?
I am called Vava/Unnikuttan.

2. What is being taught now?
Spoken English is being taught now.

3. What is being served for breakfast tomorrow?
 is being served for breakfast tomorrow.

4. Have you been taught this chapter?
I have been taught this chapter.

5. Which dish is liked most for breakfast?
Upma/Idli/Puri is liked most for breakfast.

6. What was served for breakfast yesterday?
Upma was served for breakfast yesterday.

7.What was being taught just before this class?
Computer was being taught just before this class.

8.Will you be taught English tomorrow?
I will be taught English tomorrow.

30 th Dec 2015
Good Evening

1. Can you tell me what time it is?
(Sorry mother, it is my mistake.
I forgot to note the time. I promise I won't do this again.)
2.Could you please tell me what time it is ?
3.Would you like to know what time it is ?
4.May I know what time it is ?
5.Shall I tell you what time it is ?
6.Should I tell you what time it is ?
7.Do I have to tell you what time it is ?
8.Must I tell you what time it is ?
9.Do I ought to tell you what time it is ?
10. Do I need to tell you what time it is?
11. I might take an exam next week. So study well.
12. I used to take Spoken English class. Do you know me?

Easy Exam - Fun Test
6 th Jan, 2016

1. Where are you now ?
I ..... in class now.

2. How many subjects do you study ?
I .... five subjects.

3. Do you have siblings (brothers and sisters) ?
I ..... a sister (a brother).

4. How many students are there in our Spoken English class ?
There .... 30 students in our class.

5. What are you doing now ?
I ... writing now.

6. Where are you going after this class ?
I .... going home after this class.

7. What have you learnt in this class ?
I .... learnt how to speak in English.

8. How long have you been studying Spoken English ?
I ..... been learning Spoken English for two months.

9. Do you like Spoken English class ?
I .... Spoken English class.

10. Where do you study?
I .... in Jin Raja Das ALP school, Naduvattam.



I am ......(name)
I am from ......(place)
I am studying in .......(school)
I am in class .....
I like .......(favourite subject)
I like ....... (favourite game)
I like my school because it helps me to study and play. 
I thank my teachers and parents for making me a good student.
Thank you.

A SONG - 2016

Happy happy 2016
Let's welcome 2016

Shall we dance, 
shall we sing, 
shall we play, 
shall we read, 
shall we write 
in 2 0 1 6  ?


Happy happy 2016

Let's welcome 2016

----------------------END OF 2015 BATCH.

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