Sunday, May 31, 2015


All that we have to deal with the worldly situations is a mind which has the ability to think and to believe. All the other resources exist because of this vital/amazing thing called the mind. We do a lot with our mind, achieve/acquire a lot, enjoy a lot, possess a lot but do we ever try to understand our mind ie., what is it/ what does it need the most/ what is its real nature/ why does it behave in  particular way/what makes it happy or sad etc.
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The day we humans try to think about what/why/how we "think" we will understand our “selves”, our roles, our desires, our needs, our relationships, our abilities and our inabilities. Let’s hope we get/find time for unravelling the mysteries within us to deal in a wiser/saner way to deal with the things that lie outside. 


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