Sunday, May 31, 2015

The CELEBRITY PRESENCE in our lives.

Image result for celebrities cultureCelebrity presence in our lives is increasing day by day. We seem to be getting addicted to celebrity stories, news and info. Celebrity lives become the topic of our conversations, content of our thoughts, and also the main staple of our visual entertainment. We are more aware of what is happening in their lives than in our own neighbourhood/families. And this virtual relationship is getting stronger than the relationships in the real world. The reason for this celebrity madness is the aspirations deep within to lead a dream life which they seem to be having. 
Why can’t we have celebrities from our own small worlds? People whom we see every day, interact with and depend on for day to day living. Let’s hope that our minds don’t delude us from making the right choice between the people who really matter to us and those who appeal to our senses, through the images created by the media world.


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