Saturday, May 16, 2015


Watching a movie is generally an enjoyment activity for the masses. But if observed deeply  there is a message, a philosophy, a school of thought, a world view, a universe of ideas in many good movies. Let's discuss some thoughts stirred by movies like:
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Asking us a few questions...
Today the concept of "GOD" is used by man to justify his own interests. We have almost put  at rest our urge/quest to search for the "real God" because of lack of time, resources, interest, knowledge or because of other commitments. So a lot of institutions/centers have sprung  up who claim to be "closer" to God and thus help us to take our prayers to the Almighty. But is it the right way to communicate, to deliberate, to contemplate the spiritual aspect of human-self and human life? Are these institutions really doing a good/sincere/honest job ?


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