Saturday, May 16, 2015

EC ARGUMENTS (How best to argue?)

Image result for argumentsWhen you find yourself in a situation where an argument becomes inevitable, argue by asking questions to the other person which is rational/logical, makes him/her think, very specific and based on the particular issue/action/behavior without any emotional outbursts/comments that can harm your cause. There should not be any kind of personal remarks or generalizations because then the whole event takes another turn and also the situation can become difficult to control. Always let's understand that this incident is not going to be  the end of anything  but just a part of life which can mould/equip/empower your character to face bigger battles in future. And above all, find a bigger/stronger/nobler/better purpose to succeed, to counter the opposite claims/arguments and that purpose should be beyond "self", ie., not based on selfish motives. If such a purpose is identified and understood then we are just driven by the sheer power of the universal energy/wisdom/consciousness and the result of the argument is no longer an issue to worry/to be concerned about . Every moment thus becomes cherishable, worth living for.   
NB 1 Never a gambler be ie., never expect/invest/put your stakes in a particular outcome which is not in your hands. Never expect anything from an argument/conflict that can make you, your life/world better.  Expect the best results for all. Expect universal peace and happiness and let things happen for the betterment of all, the secret of a win-win argument.

NB 2 Always think of your "SELF" as bigger than an event/incident/conflict/argument. Let's not limit the vastness of our "selves" to a particular moment/situation/result/outcome. We are all much bigger/wiser/nobler than we think. We all have bigger roles/responsibilities/duties to perform. World/life doesn't end anywhere. May the axis of our thoughts be outside our smaller "selves". Set them free to live a life beyond "selves", a life of their own.
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