Saturday, April 4, 2015


Where is the REAL SOCIAL NETWORK? Where are the minds that think about society as a whole (and not about their individual selves however big/nice it may seem to be)?
Are human beings finding social network dispensable? No, it's not the social network like Facebook which is the center of this discussion. It's the real society around us, the people who make our society. 
In most of our thoughts and conversations people don't figure at all. Why is it so? Are human beings less important than mobiles/automobiles? Have we lost our compassionate mind? 
Image result for people in KeralaWhere is the human society now that was once so vibrant, dynamic and passionate about each others' welfare? Today people go to social functions, gatherings, activities not to engage/ participate/contribute to the betterment of the community but just to see that you are keeping up with the Jones's. The social health/well being/progress is hardly given any thought. 
And the fallout of this trend is quite visible in the way our traffic, our public utilities like libraries, our hospitals, our schools, our media, our transport system etc.  are concerned. When there is no wealth/wave of thoughts, the social fabric just gets lifeless, colorless and dies out. It's time for some thoughts and discussions on how to reconstruct the social edifice on which all the existence of the human species rests.

Image result for people in KeralaTO BE CONTINUED... 

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