Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Image result for mindCan we say that?
It's not a person but his mind that commits a sin/crime. 

We think about the toxins like pesticides in food/vegetables/fruits, but what about the toxins in our thoughts? Aren't they more poisonous?

I am not thinking against you, it's your mind that is my focus.

Mind is neither our friend nor foe. It's like a machine.(MIND - Machine/Involvement/Needs/Direction)

Mind has certain qualities like getting habituated, a set pattern of thinking etc.

I am happy for struggles, they made my big, deep and kind.

I am not happy. I am neither unhappy. In fact, I don't want to believe in the duality of everything. I am above happiness and unhappiness, the state which is not vulnerable to the events in life.

Real love is to lean more and more about a person/thing. When you love something/somebody you needn't have to learn with effort, the learning becomes your nature. You yourself become what you love.

A world which is moving towards - possessing what one likes and disowning what one dislikes, consumerism is going to be the be all and end all of everything.

It's the mind that likes to make/break rules. Some of us are engaged in making new rules, some in implementing them and a vast majority in following them. All of them are playing according to their minds.

Only through Intelligent thinking can we find answers to our queries and for this we need to rise above the mind level thinking to a higher level of thinking. The first step is a detached observation of our thoughts and then gradually finding the the intelligence within.

In the sea of thoughts ie., mind, the boat of wisdom has to find a shore.


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