Friday, April 3, 2015

EC Gossip/ Why do people spread gossip/watch TV serials?

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Gossiping ie., spreading rumors etc. about other people(our own fellow beings) is a common pastime among those who spend most of their time at home, doing household chores. This kind of a conversation/discussion gives their mind an outlet to release their pent up(repressed) feelings which get accumulated as a result of their frustration in living up to the perceived/learned social rules/ethos/roles. The repressed mind of a person needs somebody to target their baser instincts/emotions/feelings on. Most of the time the prey/victim happens to be a neighbor/relative who seems to be leading a better/happier/more successful life than the rumor/gossip monger. 
Image result for TV serials malayalamWatching TV serials also serve the same purpose provided the serials have characters who live life on their terms disregarding social norms/customs or displaying their true(or evil or socially unacceptable) and ambitious nature without fear or shame. This makes the audience serial addicts as they find an evil incarnate whom they love to hate, and hate and hate...They want all the bad things to happen to this man/woman in small doses each day and thus enjoy a vicarious pleasure that is hard to describe!
So it is high time people reclaim their humanity by facing their fears boldly and not suppressing their dreams/aspirations/desires. Let us live a life of dreams and desires ourselves and not blame/shame others who are doing what we are/were unable to do. Every life has imperfections. Everyone makes mistakes but to play the blame game is actually playing into devil's hands; the devil in us. As they say, an idle mind is a devil's workshop. All the gossip mongers/serial watchers have two things in common-they all have a lot of time to sit idle and second they don't think that their life has a worthy purpose. They day the people empower their repressed selves and start living their dream lives, TV serial makers/gossip(rumor) mongers will find no takers and go underground or to some other planet.

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