Tuesday, March 17, 2015

LISTENING (with awareness and love) EXERCISE

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In this exercise asked the students to first find a listening partner. Then they should stand facing each other. The listener should make their mind-thoughts clear/free of these four things:
1. Biases & Prejudices
2. Assumptions & Limitations
3. Beliefs based on past experiences 
4. Fears and Desires
(Having an awareness of the above four types of thoughts will also help in listening with love)
The time given to the speaker to express their thoughts on a topic : 3 minutes
Topic given for sharing their thoughts: A dream/goal/ambition in my life and the barriers/hurdles I have to overcome to realise that dream/goal/ambition.
The time for the listener to prepare a written summary of the speech: 5 minutes
The time for the speaker to read the speech summary: 2 minutes
The total time for a pair of students: 10 minutes

Message of this exercise: We see things as we are, not as they are.


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