Monday, December 8, 2014


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I am Nayana from Kozhikode. I am a student studying for Counselling Psychology under Calicut University. 
I am also actor, just one movie old. I completed my work in a Tamil film named Arasakulam. It is a tender and touching love story. It will be released this year, probably in June. I would like you all to watch it as it is a good movie- straight from the heart.
I became interested in acting when I was only three years of age. My parents tell me that even at that tender age of three I loved acting and being on stage, doing something like singing, dancing etc. From there it has been a long journey of sorts, acting in school dramas, mono acts and even in a TV reality show called "Mammootty-The Best Actor". In fact this show gave me my first break ie., Arasakulam.
Image result for i AMNow I am waiting and watching for better roles to come by. I believe in the policy of "Letting things to happen" rather than "Making things happen"


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