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Image result for MOTIVATIONAL STORIESA beggar's life
There was a beggar who used to earn his daily bread by going around the town for alms with his only son. When he became very old he asked his son how he was planning to live after his father is no more. The son replied that he would continue the family's profession that was begging. Hearing this his father handed over to him a small bag and a begging plate which he used to carry while going for work and soon after the old man breathed his last. Now the son started his innings as a beggar carrying the bag and the plate . Once a man while giving him a few coins asked him about the contents of his bag and he had no answer. He had not seen his father opening the bag ever and so didn't have the courage to do so himself. But the man kept on egging him to reveal its contents. Finally the son opened the bag and what he saw made him awestruck. It was full of precious diamonds worth crores; sufficient wealth for all his life and also for his coming generations.
Two Marketing Executives

Once two marketing executives were sent on an assignment to a tribal village to sell shoes. The first one went and asked one of the natives if he wanted to buy a pair of shoes? "What is a shoe?" pat came the question. Hearing this the executive went back to his office and sent a report to his boss mentioning that since the people here don't even know what a shoe is, there is no possibility of opening a shop here to sell shoes and it would be a futile effort. 
Now the second marketing executive was asked to go and see how things are in the tribal hamlet. He went around watching the people; most of them were doing the mining work. After a few days he found that some of them were sitting idle at home. He went to them and inquired the reason. "We can't walk and do mining as our feet are full of sores because of injuries". He consoled them and said "Suppose I show you something that would protect your feet against physical injuries, would you be interested to have a look?" "Yes" was the answer from all. So he presented them a pair of shoes and showed them how to use it. "But can we afford to buy it?" was their main issue. The executive pondered for a while and asked "How much do you lose by sitting idle at home without going to work for a day?" "Rs.200" one of them said. "And in a year normally how many such leaves do you have to take?" asked the executive. "Minimum ten leaves" said one native. "So these injuries cost you Rs.2000 a year. In that case wearing a shoe will help you to make Rs. 1000 extra in a year as its price is only Rs.1000. And he went to explain the whole logic of buying and using shoes to earn more and enjoy more their jobs and life. The people understood and became aware of the importance of shoes in their life.
The executive went back to his office and sent a report to his boss mentioning that since the people here don't even know what a shoe is, first they should be educated about the benefits of using shoes (marketing) and then the product can be sold in instalments or full cash depending on the buyers' financial status (sales).


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