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What is common in all these lives is their passion for work, concern for their fellow beings and above all a spirit of self-less-ness:

Life of Mahesh
Mr. Mahesh runs a stationery shop in the heart of Kozhikode city. He is very simple and honest. He always talks about how a person should lead his life; as a service to humanity. He is very religious and believes in the goodness of all beings. That's his way of serving God. He is very much open to conversations and one can discuss anything with him especially any issue which is heartbreaking or troubling the mind. One wonders how in spite of being at work always overseeing vehicles flying two and fro, his mind is always at rest, never restless or running after things that matter to most of us.
He lives with his parents and is single at forty. At home he spends his time with the kids in his family, his brother's children.
Life of Mr. Prakash
Mr. Prakash is a tailor who has his shop very near the road and so one can see him working whenever the bus passes through the place where his shop is situated. He is very humble and is seen always working at his shop and a radio playing in the background. He goes home to have his lunch and leaves his shop for only an hour or so. So most of the day's time is spent sewing and working to satisfy the sartorial needs of the people. 
He has two children; one of them has a government job and the other is an Engineering college student. His wife works at a temple as a cashier. 
Life of Sivan
I met the jeep driver Mr. Sivan some two years ago. He is very dedicated in his job and takes a lot of sincere interest in his clients' lives. One feels very secure and relieved when Sivan is behind the wheels. He asks about the people's family, health, family and children. He is very calm, composed and at peace with his life and world. About his fees for the service he takes only a reasonable amount.
He has a family of two children who are both school students. His wife is a homemaker.
Life of Unnikrishnan
Mr. Unnikrishnan Namboodiri is a priest near the temple where I stay. He started his life as the temple priest at the age of 25. He is still there, working with the same devotion and concern he had in his youth. In fact he is forever young and enthusiastic. He is very eager to talk on any social issue and is curious about anything and everything under the sun. He talks with passion and vociferous about people's needs and issues. Nowadays he has got a bit restrained. But his punctuality, attitude to work and duties is as rigorous as ever. He comes to the sacred place as early as 5 am and returns by 10 am most of the days; then he come by 6 pm and finally departs by 7 am. 
He lives with his family, wife and two children. His elder son is working and the younger one is studying. 
Mr. Gangadharan 
Mr. Gangadharan and his two sons run a shop where I live. But it is more than a small shop. It is the life blood of people there. All the things needed to run a house can be found there. The shop is open from morning 7 am till 10 pm with all the three, father and two sons serving people and also looking after their own household matters. Both his sons are married. The whole family puts in their best efforts to efficiently and effectively run the shop without giving any room for grievances to any of their customers. And the crowd never moves away from their shop, always flocking for provisions whatsoever. 


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