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Graphology is the study/analysis of handwriting to assess/understand a person's true nature.

Image result for graphologyWhile studying a person's handwriting, the following qualities can  be considered:

Slant: A moderate left slant means the person is shy, inhibited, introvert, choosy, reflective, withdrawn and independent. Depressed, fearful and anxious. Non-communicative. Non-sympathetic, non-compassionate, unaffectionate, insensitive and unfriendly.
Size of letters: Large letters mean that the person is bold and aggressive. Ambitious for name, fame and recognition. Enthusiastic, boastful and extrovert. Sometimes lacks concentration and discipline. Confident, optimistic and strongly motivated, a good leader too.
Letter spacing: Wide spaced means the person is sympathetic, a spendthrift, considerate and extrovert, reasonable, self-confident, non-adventurous, amiable, well balanced.
Pressure: Light Pressure means sensitive, tender, forgiving, adaptable, tolerant, and spiritual.
Physically weak and fragile. Passively indifferent, weak willed, non-committed and lacks vitality.
Connecting strokes: A moderate arcade shows one to be creative, artistic, meditative, gentle, protective, poised, shy, formal, proud and authoritative.
Position of dot of small letter - i : Left of stem indicates that the person is a fast thinker, impulsive and impatient.
Letter-g resembling number 8: Shows that the person is intelligent, altruistic, adaptable and understanding.
Parochial-r: It shows that the person is artistic, musical and suppressed thinking.
Loops: Exaggerated loops suggest that the person is an extrovert, sympathetic, social, intuitive, impulsive and compassionate.
Connected and disconnected: A disconnected handwriting shows the person to be perceptive, intuitive, imaginative, observant, inventive and sensitive. It also show some negative qualities in the person like being aloof, lonely, insecure, moody, selfish, suspicious, shy, restless, inconsistent, illogical and impractical.


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