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The manure/fertilizer should have:
Nitrogen(N): For the plants to evolve and green parts to grow.
Phosphorous(P): For the root system to develop and plant quality.
Potassium(K): For bud placement and fruit quality.
  • Important things while thinking about agriculture:

1. pH of the soil.
2. Calcium content in the soil: Kummayam/Kakka/Egg Shells/ Calcium Carbonate can be used: Calcium is important for cell strength of plants.
3. Carbon content in the soil: Decayed parts of trees/leaves/stem cane be used.
4. Magnesium content in the soil: Dolomite can be used: Magnesium is important for the Chlorophyll content of plants.
5. Urea in the soil: Cow dung/urine can be used after diluting it ten times.
6. Fat in the soil: Fish manure can be used.
7. Protein in the soil: Kadalapinnak/Kappalandi Pinnnak can be used.
8. Trace elements in the soil: This include Boron, Iodine, Zinc, Phosphorous for giving the plants immunity against diseases.

So the first thing to be done before sowing the seeds is preparing the land for growth and nourishment of the seeds. For this a small pit can be dug and inside it-
Dolomite, Urea,
Protein products,
Trace elements
can be made available.

  • For Strawberry farming contact Mr. Johnny Patany from Wayanad at  98 95 66 11 87
  • For brinjal farming contact Mr. Munirathan(099 895 09877) from Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh in Kasturikandriga village.


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