Friday, March 13, 2015


Image result for COMMON PEOPLE IN KERALAWhat are the common issues before a common man?  Undoubtedly better food, education for children, good jobs, good health facilities, good roads, good transport, law and order, safe living conditions for women and children, care for the elderly, places for social interaction and enjoyment, freedom to worship and having a belief system which one likes, etc.
And we have political parties, government servants and institutions, private companies, NGOs, and other organisations to make all these happen. 
And what is the present situation in our society now? Sometimes it seems that the political parties and the society are not concerned about the real/actual issues affecting common people. 
"Poisonous vegetables" is a big issue here nowadays but what is the government doing in this regard? Stray dogs tormenting people everyday but what is the response from the authorities? Road accidents increasing day-by-day but is any organisation trying to control this? 
In short, real issues that really affect majority of the population (around 80%) are not at all discussed anywhere. That's what it seems, going by the newspaper and media reports. 
All that is actively given a priority are the policies and steps to make big companies sell more and more products by giving them tax exemptions. All that is given a serious thought are the decisions to make the lives of a small minority more comfortable with every passing day. And all that is forgotten are the measures to make the poor, the weak, the socially backward class happier.
For our society to develop collectively, first and foremost our discussions, conversations, thoughts and priorities, ambitions and vision should be about real issues. But what the media, leaders, even we people do is think and talk about things that don't actually matter to most of us at all in the long run. We talk about our luxuries, our comforts but we don't talk about our needs - the universal needs, the needs of the society, ecological needs and those who are voiceless, the unrepresented. 
Let's us hope that there will be more awareness about human issues like nature and environment, health and spirituality, education and employment, better living conditions for the poor, and above all, to have a safer world for children, women and the elderly. Let's be the change we want to see in this world.  


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