Friday, October 3, 2014

Self Introduction for Job Interviews

"Can you introduce yourself ?" or "Self Introduction" is usually the first question asked in job interviews. Here's an example of a self introduction by a student of Food Crafts Institute,Kozhikode.  He starts with his name, then mentions his native place, present occupation, languages known, work experience, educational qualifications, courses attended, future plan and ambitions, skills, hobbies and interests, extra curricular activities in school/college, family details and finally the person's nature.

Good morning sir/madam. May I introduce myself...
I am Suraj. My full name is Suraj Varma.
I am from Calicut. My native place is Chelannur in Calicut.
I am 20 years old.
I am a student of FCI. My institute is at Karaparamba in Calicut.
I am studying for a certificate course in F&B ie., Food and Beverage services. My favorite subject is Beverage service.
I know three languages - English, Hindi and Malayalam.
I am an undergraduate.
I have a 6-months experience in Sales and Marketing for a mobile phone company. 
I have done an MS Office and computerized accounting course from IHRD, Calicut.
I want to work as an F&B staff in a five star hotel. My ambition is to become an F&B manager in five years.
About my skills, I can speak three languages - English, Hindi and Malayalam. I can also use computers to do office work.
About my hobbies, I like travelling. My favourite place to visit is Wayanad. 
I also like cooking. My favourite dish is vegetable biriyani.
I have participated in Cricket and Basketball tournaments while in school.
I have an interest to learn Spanish in future.
About my family, there are four members- parents, my younger sister and myself.
And finally about my nature, I am a friendly person, cool and eager to learn and adapt to new situations.
That's all about myself. Thank you.


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