Sunday, November 2, 2014

EC Rightly Wrong

It has always been an interesting thing to note that in our society admitting a mistake is worse than committing a sin/crime; or how else would you explain that no leader of any political party/group/organisation ever says that at least one thing he/she could have done differently while being in the position of power. It's almost a miracle to see a man/woman in our society having the courage to admit mistakes, revealing weaknesses in his/her character and asking for a feedback. This over indulgence with always being Right has made us lead a stressful life. We are forced to wear a mask of  the "Always Right" personality in this "I am never wrong" world. This is a "stuck in a rut" situation for the person which stops evolution of any kind and also puts the man/woman in a situation of helplessness as he/she is afraid of making mistakes and blamed by others. So the first step can be accepting ourselves as we are and living a life where losing/quitting is a step in the right direction...towards change...towards progress...towards happiness...towards being wise than Mr/Miss Always Right.


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