Thursday, July 31, 2014


Why do we have to use always this language of duality? We say things like speaker/listener, speech/applause, success/failure, action/result, player/game, I/you(universe), music/singer, ie., the subject and object are always thought of as two different entities. This detachment creates barriers to realise the best or the pursuit of excellence.
When someone says to his beloved, "I love you" the other person is like an object. When a doctor says, "I will treat you and cure you" again there is a subject and an object. Instead why can't the communication be in this manner: I am love (and that is because I am in love and you are the reason for this) and in the next case "I am the treatment/cure." Now see the change and how things change. The person becomes bigger than his actual self because of his more purposeful/holistic action. Such a person will always rise in love. Such a person will always rise in stature. He/she will become a magnet attracting all actions/resources/thoughts which will be in the best interest of his object. So instead of objectifying let's expand our self whenever the situation offers us such a chance. Instead of an external goal what we need is an internal world which encompasses that goal. The goal is in you and you are in the goal. This is oneness. And here there is no duality/distance. There is only pure love and acceptance.  


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