Thursday, July 10, 2014


The ideal world to live in is the world of ideas. Ideas which help people to grow and empower themselves. But this is not the reality of our times. We are not living in a world where we can easily access ideas.
We don't have a system to encourage/invite/welcome new ideas. We don't have a culture where ideas are respected without seeing where or from whom the idea originated. We acknowledge a good idea only if it is voiced by those who have power/position/possessions. We think that common people cannot have good ideas which can change a situation/solve a problem or crisis/end a social evil. This reluctance to encourage new, different, bold ideas is what is keeping our society/organisations/institutions/people/groups and individuals stagnant and frustrated. And this is what is making our life unproductive/unfulfilling.
Let's take the case of road accidents in India. Every year the number of accidents on the roads is increasing but no ideas on reducing it are discussed in a serious/purposeful manner. The companies manufacturing vehicles think only about expanding their business but don't think of making the travel safe. The people who design the roads also don't think in the direction of minimising accidents. The government thinks only when some big accident happens and that too for a day or two. Why is it so? Why don't people in our culture show better awareness, engage with new/old/effective ideas and act for making the world a better place to live? Why don't we make our lives meaningful by working for a collective goal which can improve a million lives? Why can't we think beyond our limitations of "self"?
And this is where we have to focus on to get new ideas...


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