Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Nowadays we often talk about the price rise, inflation, etc. which mostly affects the common man. So this discussion is about the common man. Who is this "Common man?" Why is he always a common man? Why can't he do something himself so that he can help himself and others like him? Why is he so helpless/ so vulnerable to all the problems and evils in the world? Doesn't he have any powers/abilities of his own? Or is he not aware of his powers to deal with real life challenges?
Actually nobody is born as a common man. Because of social/educational/cultural/family training we are made to forget all our natural traits like independent and creative thinking, originality in views and ideas, innovative problem solving etc. The herd mentality inculcated during the growing up years of a person makes him voiceless and nameless. And another common man is born.
So while raising our voice against issues like price rise, corruption etc. it is also important that we try to come out of this comfort zone of commonness or anonymity and do something worthwhile which makes us special in some way. When we talk of doing things, it has to be something original/rooted in our living environment and not temporary/quick-fix solutions which will create more problems in future. The herd mentality always keeps us in the class of "the common man". The fear of "what will others like me think of me
if I act/speak/react in this manner" has to be conquered. And then there won't be "a common man/woman class" in the society. Everybody would be Individuals with "I" in capital.


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