Wednesday, July 2, 2014


In this self introduction exercise the students have to speak in English about three things:
1. The NAME of the person and the kind of feelings/emotions the word evoked.
2. The NATIVE PLACE of the person and how it inspired him/her.
3. The PURPOSE of life ie., what motivates you, your passion.

This exercise can also be done by talking about other topics like: your home/house, possessions, family members, hobbies, books, TV programmes, music, movies, magazines, newspapers, places you visited, teachers, celebrities, role models, vehicles, computer/laptop, mobile, friends, daily routine, food, sports, ambitions, childhood experiences, festivals, culture, historical events, speeches, quotes, proverbs, language, rituals, leaders in the past/present, courses done, future events, elders in the family, websites, social networking, scenes in movies, fictional characters, skills learnt, achievements in the past/recently, success/failure in life, newspaper reports, famous victories in sports, poems, songs, dialogues, TV personalities, reality shows, political parties, educational institutions, commercial organization, non-commercial organizations, famous brands, slogans and captions, spirituality, nature, noble causes, human values, ethics and moral values, Gandhian principles, wars, resolutions for peace/peace treaties, classes attended, seminars and workshops, dress/costume, advertisement campaigns, image changes/makeovers, famous comebacks, social institutions/customs, challenging old values/traditions, social reforms, inventions, discoveries, social changes, political changes, changes in business practices, changes in people's attitudes, women empowerment, changes in education, technological advancements, changes in lifestyle, economic conditions, globalization, decentralization, democratic practices, new political parties, global warming, deforestation and changes in nature, changes in culture, changes in work style, new careers, attitude of the youth, skill development, family life, new courses etc.


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