Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Perfection is decided by three things: attitude, perception and expectations. So when we say that a person is perfect it shows our attitude towards him/her, our perception regarding his abilities and potential and also our expectations from that person. So it is important that those seeking perfection in their field of work/profession/life should be morally/ethically right so that they are liked by the people first. We all love Sachin Tendulkar as one of the most perfect batsmen of our times because of his human values on the cricketing field, his talent and also because he performed in situations where there were high expectations.
But on the other hand there are schools where students are banned from speaking in the class in the name of discipline. To maintain a perfect environment in some classes verbal communication is totally prohibited. Some schools go to the extent of banning vernacular communication on the campus to encourage English Communication. Then there are offices where employees are bitterly criticized for taking leaves without prior notice/coming late/not wishing their bosses etc. All those who are ready to even die in the name of perfection are actually trying to create the perfect silence of the graveyard as no one complains there of anything. But a graveyard is considered as the world of those who don't exist(physically!).
So life is an art of getting along with imperfections in a smooth manner. Perfection is a like a mirage, an illusion which is unrealistic to achieve in the real world. We can strive for perfection but never achieve it. Pursuit of excellence is more inspiring than that of perfection.
I don't think that this post on Perfection is perfect. You can always disagree with the views expressed here. And that is what makes communication so full of life because it is open for a 


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