Thursday, April 27, 2017


Let's pause for a few minutes and ask a few questions to ourselves:Is it necessary that we should teach all our academic subjects in English medium?
Why can't we use our own language for imparting educational content?
Is it humanly possible to communicate emotional feelings, care and concerns, moral and cultural ethos in a foreign tongue? Whom are we trying to fool? Ourselves or our children?
Why do we need an alien language to communicate with our children?

And regarding learning and improving
EC skills....
Why can't we impart EC skills to our students using creative and effective tools/techniques/exercises by welcoming the services of competent EC users as mentors/guides/coaches/role models?
Is it possible for a non-user of English language/a theoretical, textbook teacher of English to inspire others to have skills which they themselves don't have/practice/improve for eg. Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing?
By creating more and more English medium schools aren't we raising a generation which is indifferent to our culture/history/social needs/values and also lacking confidence in their EC skills?
To put it satirically aren't we killing two birds with one stone ie., both English and our own native language?
Doesn't this reflect in the names of 99% of our movies? Why don't we feel motivated when the names of these movies are in our own native language?

Let's make our country a place where native languages are respected, recognized and represented in the best possible/most creative and powerful way.
Asatho Ma--Sath Gamaya
Tamaso Ma--Jyothir Gamaya
Mrithyor Ma--Amritam Gamaya

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