Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Life is the manifestation of consciousness.

The purpose of Meditation is to see "The Reality" and for that matter any real situation in our life or around us  as it is, by being objective and not subjective. 

Communication can become a beautiful extension of care, concern and compassion.

If we feel motivated by wrong reasons then we would also feel demotivated by wrong reasons. 

Things happen for a greater good.

I seek, I am.

When we make enemies, we fall to their levels; we start using their modus operandi and thus lose our greatness, the gold in us. It's like being penny wise, pound foolish. When we make friendships by forgiving our enemies, we rise; we are inspired by the unseen greatness in them(omnipresent in every human being), we also inspire by greatness in us(omnipresent in every human being).

Thinking is really easy- EC (Effective and Clear) without "I"; without S-self, and without SI (selfish interests).

A thought is a spark that ignites the mind.

There is ages of wisdom in languages.

When you don't have the real experience advantage, your mind is more fear/frustration (imagination) than facts. So along with thinking, action is also required to get the right reaction and feedback for the best learning outcome to happen.

No problem can withstand the onslaught of sustained thinking.

It is the power of a THOUGHT that creates a change.


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