Tuesday, February 2, 2016


"Animate" your talk !"
If you are an English enthusiast then you will find many such words to "animate" your conversation.  Have a look...

I was foxed(1) by the problem which started dogging(2) me for a while. 
It was the issue of how to get my work done of building a house within a year.The contractor seemed to be a bit fishy(3) at first. 
He started bullying(4) me to pay him an advance of Rs.1lac.
I decided not to be cowed(5) into any sort of agreement.
So I told him frankly that he was in a cloud cuckoo land(6) if he thinks that I would chicken out(7) of the mission and leave the work undone. 
Then he started crowing(8) about his honesty and faithfulness.
I remarked that his tall talk was like a cock and bull story(9).
He undertood that it would be a wild goose chase(10) if he apes(11) other contractors and takes me as a lame duck(12).
So like a duck to water(13) he changed his plan and agreed to do things as I wanted to.
And things changed for better.Answers
1. Confused
2. Followed
3. Dishonest 
4. Frightening
5. To do something out of fear
6. An imaginary state of mind
7. to back out being afraid
8. keep talking in a proud manner
9. hard to believe
10  a futile effort
11. imitates
12. not confident and depends on others
13. adapting quickly to a new situation


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