Wednesday, April 16, 2014


A common refrain nowadays is that we are forgetting our values. By values most of us mean the moral values like honesty, truthfulness, loyalty, simplicity, sharing and caring, respect for elders, protection and preservation of natural resources, helping the poor and needy etc. Actually values can be anything which is given priority and acted upon. For eg. when a person says "Time is money" they mean that they are very conscious of the importance of time. For them it is as precious as money. People who are driven by value for time are always punctual for work, family occasions, social functions etc. because of this internal consciousness for time. Similarly those who believe in "Health is wealth" are always fitness conscious and all their actions are governed by their desire to stay fit. So the values which top our priority list drive our consciousness, emotional states and actions. But most of the time we are not aware of our cherished values. Due to this lack of awareness we play into the hands of circumstances and lose control over our thoughts and actions. So let's be aware of the values that we uphold by following a certain thought/belief/action. Let's also rate our values on a scale of one to ten and then program our thoughts/feelings/actions on the basis of our value preferences. This would help us in getting rid of value conflicts which many a time pull us in different directions and create confusion while taking decisions thus leading to a lot of frustration and helplessness.


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