Saturday, April 12, 2014


In state govt. job recruitment exams like PSC the pattern of questions in the verbal ability section(English) consists of basically two types of questions: Type A)Testing the knowledge in English-sentence-structures & Type B) Testing the knowledge in English words(vocabulary).

A sample of Type A questions:
He is the best speaker____ is available. (which/that/whom/what)....Ans. that
I would hurry up if I ____ you. (were/was/is/am)....Ans. were

A sample of Type B questions:
One word for a collection of ships: (pack/cluster/fleet/group)....Ans. fleet
The opposite of  'Ascend' is: (detract/derange/retreat/descend)....Ans. descend

A good strategy for exam preparation is:
  • Read English newspapers daily; make a list of new words and get their meanings then and there with the help of a dictionary.
  • Making a habit of reading English books and newspapers will make one familiar with different sentences and words. This practice will help in spotting the answers of multiple choice questions very easy, almost spontaneous.


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