Saturday, April 12, 2014


All our actions are because of motivation. Now the question is, what motivates us? Is it a GOAL, or a PURPOSE or our EMOTIONS(FEELINGS)? Actually most of the time we act (or just don't act) because we want to FEEL good about doing something or having something or being something. But then this kind of motivation has no particular direction. It leads us nowhere. It's a waste of time and efforts. When we are motivated by a particular GOAL it gives us a sense of direction. For eg. A person thinks that -I am watching TV not because I want to feel good but because I want to improve my communication skills in English. Here the viewer has a clear goal in watching TV ie., to better EC skills. His/Her actions are not led by emotions but they are GOAL ORIENTED. But here also there is something missing and that is the reason for that goal. Why does the person want to improve his/her EC skills? A likely answer is for a better job/ a better profession/ a better life (by articulating my thoughts, beliefs,ideas and doubts) or for having better conversations with people. So the goals should have a purpose. But the most important thing is to be HERE and NOW ie., to enjoy and focus on the work you are doing.
When I thought of making a blog on English Communication skills my focus was fully on how it would help my vacation batch students to learn EC in a better way. Similarly when I went to have a discussion about the blog with the editor of a leading newspaper I focused on how the blog would help EC learners. In both these cases I was not focusing on any particular result or I had no fixed ideas of success/failure. So the motivation was inherent in the action. There was neither a fear nor a desire. So the demotivational factors were absent.

"If you are motivated by wrong reasons, you would also be demotivated by wrong reasons."
Suppose you are an actor and after a performance you get a lot of good comments. You feel very happy and energetic. But the next performance is not liked by many people and the comments are very discouraging. And you become unhappy and demotivated.
So it is important to get motivated by the right reasons, for the right reasons and in the right way. 


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