Monday, June 29, 2015

SEMINARS ON "HOW to think in ENGLISH !!"

This is what I would like to make sure in my seminar ...that each and every student attending it understands this simple logic around which the whole world of English Communication works....and by knowing it they can bring English into their thoughts...they can start THINKING IN ENGLISH ...after which speaking and using English in life situations is just is just the next is automatic...I mean we can't help it...we cannot stop ourselves from NOT doing it.

Image result for Govt. Vocational Higher Secondary School for Girls Nadakkavu, Kozhikode
Took a basic course in English Communication in May 2015 for Plus One VHSE [Two Batches]
Image result for Regional Science Centre and Planetarium, Calicut
Took a session on "Thinking with English Sentences" for school children on May 6th[2pm -5pm]2015

Govt. Model HSS Calicut (2014)

College of Nursing Calicut (2014)
Food Craft Institute, Calicut (2013)
School of Nursing, Calicut (2013)
K.V.No.1 Kozhikode (2010)
Sree Sankaracharya Computer Centre Calicut (2012)


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