Thursday, January 30, 2014

EC Image Consultants

Name of the role play: Starting an Image Consultancy

First divided the class into seven teams with five members in each team.
The team members then have to find a name for their firm. Next they have to find their first client. The client can be a person, an organization or a state. In case of person, he/she can be a job seeker who needs to attend interviews or also a  celebrity or even a reputed and experienced professional who wants to make a career shift.
You need to tell your clients what steps they should take so that their present image is changed to the desired new image.
During this role play exercise students imagined clients like cricketers, actors, restaurants, political leaders etc.
Mood in the class: Fully engaged in the activity, laughter and fun.
No. of students who participated in the exercise: 37
Qualification: Graduation or above.
Duration: 1 hour be continued

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