Friday, January 24, 2014

EC & Advertising

Practising EC by making advertisements - ROLE PLAY METHOD

Source of inspiration for this class: My classes at CREST, Calicut and also ELTIF(Calicut Chapter) meetings.
No of students in the class:30
Age Group: 10-15
Time allotted: 3 hours
Started the class with a prayer for getting inspiration.
Then told about the reason to pray: to feel positive and also be creative.
Talking about the exercise asked the students what is the job of a salesperson; it's to communicate the positive qualities of a product to be sold (COMMUNICATION) and then motivate the people to buy it (MOTIVATION).
So what do you do when you have to sell a product through an advertisement. There are 4 steps involved in making an advertisement in the class:
1.Find a product. 2.Find its positive qualities. 3.Find a punchline to attract the audience.(For eg. Boost is the secret of my energy) 4.Enact a situation where you can use the punchline.
This exercise was done in four rounds. In the first round the groups came and shared the names of their products. In the second round they shared its positive qualities. In the third round they shared the punchline. In the final round they enacted the skit which highlighted  the punchline. All these rounds were fully in English.
Written work: Asked the students to write the script of their role play or skit.
The first part took two hours. After tea break the focus was on VALUES in advertisements.
The students spoke about values like: The importance for time, using the best to get the best results, respecting the elders, importance of friendship, good health,sharing problems with others etc.
The class ended with students doing a vote of thanks in English to thank the trainer.


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