Tuesday, February 2, 2016


So how was the conference ?
It was a roaring success...I would humbly say!!
Wow...that's a great news. Hearty congratulations to you on your "oh so" sweet success
Thank you...and you know what...our final year student Anu Ramesh made a stunning debut. She delivered a spectacular speech and the audience listened to her in rapt attention. 
Oh great...and I used to think that she was good at only making notes in the class. Now her image has changed drastically.
Yeah...and she deserves all the applause....there was a herculean effort that went into her preparations for the presentation...and being an amiable person she could muster support from all quarters. Her steadfast determination stood her in good stead throughout.
Your gushing remarks about your favourite student itself bears testimony to her good work.
I knew that she had a burning desire to do something on a grand scale and this was her moment...her ticket to fame...I just guided her to her destiny...her moment of truth.
And now it seems to me that she has developed a voracious appetite for more success. ..being an avid reader and a ravishing personality I think she will go a long way.
May she have all the blessings. Touch Wood!!

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