Wednesday, February 3, 2016



(The meanings of all idioms used here is given in the answer section)
May I start now?  I hope you are all very much alive and kicking(1), aren't you?
You seemed to be all ears(2) when I spoke. Thank you.
Now what's the acid test(3) to find out who is the real winner?
Without any beating around the bush(4) let me come to the main point.
The ball is in your court(5) now.
Take the bull by the horns(6). That's the best way to deal with the issue.
I am going to ask you a question. Listen to the options carefully.  Don't jump the gun(7).
I don't know the right answer. I am keeping my fingers crossed(8).
Your team is going great guns(9). Cheers.
What is getting your goat(10) when you start working in that team?
I know how to face the music(11). Leave it to me.
It's a catch 22 situation(12). But let's be positive.


3.a test which reveals the truth 
4.indirectly referring to something
5.the responsibility is yours to decide
6.face the situation in a direct manner
7.act in a hurry
8.hoping for the best
9.doing very well
10.making you irritated with the demanding situation
12.a situation where one has to make some very difficult choices


You look all at a ship which has lost its sense of direction and is now wandering in the vast ocean. What's the matter with you man?
I feel very unhappy in my present job. Nothing is working in my favour. I am demotivated with all the kind of work I am doing here.
See, if you are in the corporate sector you have to face the music every minute...I mean be ready for challenges. There's no way out.
But what if starts affecting your health...This job is sapping my enthusiasm for life. I am feeling drained...
Come look alive and a fish which has been caught just now. There's absolutely nothing wrong with your health.
OK, don't find anything wrong with my health...fine. But don't you think the job we are doing here is a bit too demanding.
Yes, you are right...but as they say, the ones who pay the piper can decide the tune, so they pay us our salary and hence make us do what they want.
So what you mean is that we are helpless.
Yes, perhaps. Because we have to play by their rules I mean the rules made by them. We can not change the rules...we cannot be the game changers.
Well...I think that is what we should do game changers. Thank you for the new thought.
You are welcome always.


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