Monday, January 4, 2016


The story of EC...No, it doesn't begin with A,B or C but... fact it begins with the letter "I". This letter "I" is also the most commonly used word in English. So naturally our learning of EC starts with making some statements(Speech) about our own self ie., I.
I am Rajesh Kumar.
I am from Delhi.
I have a job in a bank.
I have a four member family.
I stay with my parents and a sister.
I work in SBI from 9 am to 4 pm. Now let's see a few questions (Interaction) about the speaker ie., I:
Am I Rajesh? (Yes/No Questions)
Are you from Delhi?
Where do you work? (Wh-Questions)
How many members are there in your family?
With whom do you stay?
What's your working time? 
This method of learning English Communication(EC) is called "Bio-data based Speech-Interaction method". This method can be effectively used when the participants are ready to share their bio-data based information with one another like in job interviews. So this method is very useful for job seekers as they can gain a lot of confidence to attend interviews by practicing EC in this way. So keep practicing EC using this method if you are looking for jobs. Let's start NOW.


What's your name and surname/family name?
Where are you from? Where do you come from? Which is your native place? Where is it?
Where is your house exactly situated?
Is there any landmark near your house? What's it?
How many members do you have in your family at home?
What's your father? What's his occupation/profession?Where does your father work?
Is your mother employed/a homemaker/a housewife?
How many siblings ie., brothers and sisters do you have? Are you the only child of your parents?
How do you spend your spare time/free time/leisure time? What are your hobbies?


Do you stay in a joint family?
Do you have any relatives working abroad/in govt. service/outside Kerala?
Do you have any cousins of your same age? What are they doing?


In which school did you study?
Have you gone to college?
While studying in school/college did you participate in extra-curricular activities? Did you get any prizes? Did you compete at higher levels ie., beyond your school/college level?


Where do you work? Where is your work place?
What's your working time/office hours?
How many people work in your office?
Do you like the work culture in your organization?
Do you have medical leave and other benefits like pension etc?


What do you like the most about your native place/your state/your country?
What do you like the least about your native place/your state/your country?
What's your idea about a good society/family/friendship/life/job?


Do you have professional skills? What kind of ?
Are you good at skills like swimming,cycling etc. I mean physical skills?
Are you fond of games like Chess, a mind game?
Do you have artistic skills? What kind of ?
Do you have any household skills? What kind of ?


What's your email address?
Do you have a blog of your own? What's its URL?
Do you have a Facebook id? What's it?
Do you like tweeting? Are you active on twitter? What's your twitter handle?


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