Monday, February 1, 2016


Let's practice the art of persuasion with the  the verb "WAIT "

Wait...I am coming. 

Wait please, if you don't mind.

Can you wait a bit...
Could you please wait for a minute.
Would you mind waiting a few seconds more?
May I ask you to wait for just a few seconds?
Would you mind if I ask you to wait a few minutes more?
It would be very kind of you if you could wait for a few more seconds.

Let's all wait here for some more time.
Shall we wait here for a few minutes more?
Let's wait for another five minutes, shall we?
You will wait for me to come, won't you?
Would you like to wait for a few seconds as the work is almost over?
You wouldn't mind waiting here for your friend, would you?

I am afraid, we will have to wait for a few minutes.
I was just wondering if we could wait here for an hour and take some rest.
I am sorry to say that you will need to wait for half an hour more...

How about waiting for a few minutes more?
What about a small wait here?

We should wait for him to come.
We ought to wait...let's be patient.

I wonder if you could possibly wait for a few minutes more...
I hope you don't mind, but would it be at all possible for you to wait for just a few more seconds...


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