Saturday, February 1, 2014


Are your students competent in these EC tasks..? If yes..then how many? What percentage?

The EC TASKS are :

1. Can they ask questions to their teachers in English on any topic of public/academic/vocational interest?
2. Can they answer questions about their own "self" ie., Personal, Educational, Family and Career aspects?
3. Can they make polite requests to get help from strangers in buses,trains or a foreign place?
4. Can they take part in a group discussion and help in shaping the group opinion/perception on the given issue?
5. Can they disagree with someone in a pleasant, peaceful and positive manner?
6. Can they talk to tourists and guide them to a tourist destination in a warm and polite manner?
7. Can they make a good speech which is direct, less formal thus inspiring and heart touching?

I hope such a test and its feedback analysis  adds to your reputation as well as evolution...Good Wishes always.....Grow forever.

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