Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Drama - Tourist

Imagine that a tourist comes to a village. As a tourist-friendly person guide him/her to understand and appreciate:
1. A indigenous product
2. A local dish
3. A cultural heritage
One of the most impressive team performances is given below:
(Two tourists Max and Ann from Germany are at the Thiruvala railway station waiting for an auto.)
MAX: Hello, Can you take us to Gavi?
AUTODRIVER: Sure. Please get in. I will take you to Gavi.
(Max and Ann put their luggage in the auto and occupy the seats.  The journey starts:)
AUTO DRIVER: Hi, Where are you from?
ANN: Germany.
AUTO DRIVER: May I know your name?
ANN: I am Ann and this is my friend Max.
Max: How long will it take to reach Gavi?
AUTO DRIVER: Just half an hour Max.
(They now reach Gavi:)
MAX: How much is the fare?
AUTO DRIVER: 200 rupees only.
MAX: No, I will only give 100 rupees.
AUTO DRIVER: Max, the road is rough. So you have to pay rupees 200.
ANN: Give it, don't waste our time.
(At this time enters Seena, a local tourist guide:)
SEENA: Driver, what's the problem? I have told you several times not to quarrel with our guests.
AUTO DRIVER: Seena, they are not willing to pay Rs.200.
SEENA: Driver, you should not ask them that much. Can't you adjust with Rs.150?
SEENA: Hello Madam, I 'm Seena, Govt. authorised guide at Gavi. Can you pay Rs.150 to the autodriver?
ANN: Hmm, OK
(Max gives 150 rupees to the autodriver and thanks him for a nice drive)
AUTO DRIVER: Bye, Max and Ann. Will see you later.
ANN: Seena, Can you guide us to the tourist hotspots of Gavi?
SEENA: Sure, for how many days will you be here?
ANN: Two days.
SEENA: OK. Can we go to hotel Gavi Palace to rent a room?
MAX: Of course, we need to take rest after a long journey.
(They take a room in the hotel. Next morning, Seena comes to meet them:)
SEENA: Good Morning.
MAX: Good Morning Seena.
SEENA: How was your breakfast?
ANN: It was good. What's today's plan?
SEENA: First, we are going to see Seeta chechi. She is good at making eco friendly items. Then we will have a Gavi lunch from a traditional hotel. In the evening we'll go to Saraswathi Temple.
MAX: Nice planning, let's go.
(After ten minutes walk they reach Seeta chechi's home. Seeta chechi is singing a song while woking)
SEENA: Seeta Chechi they are Max and Ann from Germany. They have come to see you.
ANN: Good morning Seeta chechi. I liked that song. Can you sing that song once again?
(Seena translates the lines and Seeta chechi starts singing the song once again:)
ANN: Really nice song. I liked it very much.
MAX: Seeta chechi, from where did you learn this art of making items with cocounut leaves?
(Seena helps in translation)
SEENA: From her parents.
MAX: For how many years have you been doing this?
SEENA: She says for forty years.
MAX: Oh! That's great!
SEENA: You can buy this hat for Rs.10. 
ANN: Oh sure...here is the money.
MAX: Seena, Can we move now....she can also resume her work.
SEENA: Yeah...Seeta chechi thank you for giving us so much time and talking to us.
ANN: Bye Seeta chechi.
MAX: Seeta chechi, nice to meet you.
ANN: Seena, can we have the lunch now?
SEENA: Yes, I have arranged a special Gavi meal for both of you at the nearby hotel.
MAX: That's great Seena.
(Ann, Max and Seena enter a hotel)
ANN: Seena, what's so special about Gavi lunch?
SEENA: Your lunch consists of rice,sambhar,herbal salad and gooseberry pickle. All these are made from vegetables and paddy cultivated in Gavi itself.
(Waiter serves the dishes on plantain leaves)
MAX: Oh! this will be a memorable lunch for me. For the first time in my life I am having my lunch on this type of leaves.
ANN: Seena, Can you show us the traditional way of eating "sadhya"?
SEENA: Don't worry Ann, you can use spoons.
ANN: Ha, ha, it's better.
SEENA: This is our village temple. It belongs to the Goddess Saraswathi.
Ann: Who is she, I mean Goddess Saraswathi?
SEENA: She is the Goddess of knowledge for us.
ANN: Seena, what's going on there?
SEENA:Ann, that's our cultural dance. It's a ritual followed during the closing ceremony of this festival.
MAX: What's its importance?
SEENA:The whole village participates in the dance ritual. It's meant to make our Goddess happy by showing that the villagers are all united in their pursuit of seeking knowledge and wisdom.
MAX: Seena, Can we join them?
SEENA: Sure, let's dance.
(The play concludes with the dance scene)

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