Friday, March 1, 2013

Role Plays 3

Name of the Role Play: Changing "dependence" after Independence

Show two situations Past and Present about how we moved over from one type of system to another (for eg. letter writing to email/sms) in India after independence.
Situation 1: We depended on...
Situation 2: We are now depending on.....

Name of the Presentation: Old meets New

A Scene showing anyone of these:
             1.A way of living/lifestyle in the past
             2.A way of livelihood/earning in the past
             3.A way of leisure/enjoyment in the past

Name of the Role Play: In "God's Own Country"

This role play should have 3 situations about how a person dupes you and then makes you part with your possessions.
Situation 1  Winning the trust
Situation 2  Taking the crucial decision/risky step 
Situation 3  The Awakening/Realising your mistake

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