Monday, February 1, 2016


Using Drama in practicing English Communication skills in classrooms.

Number of students: 35

Duration of the class:2 hours


To give an opportunity to EC students to learn how to explore the possibilities in a crisis/difficult situation as a team with the help of role plays/drama.

Number of students participated: 35

Number of teams: 6

Members in a team:4-5

Focus of the exercise: Exploring the possibilities in a crisis/difficult situation as a team.

Manner of doing: 

A team will perform 3 acts or scenes.

Act 1: Present a crisis or difficult situation.

Act 2: A solution being found

Act 3: Resolving the crisis.

Narration,songs and humour can also be used. 

Some of the themes selected for doing this exercise are: 

1. Alcoholism in society.

2. Lack of parental care and affection to children in nuclear families.

3. A rise after a fall.

4. Parents opposing a love marriage.

5. Inequality shown by parents while educating sons and daughters.

One of the most impressive team performances seen during this exercise was the role play based on the theme "Alcoholism". It went like this:


Scene 1

A family of four members. Father, mother, a daughter and a son. Father coming home drunk and creating a nuisance at home. He shouts at his wife and children and beats them without any provocation.

Scene 2

In a classroom. The teacher calls one of his students who is sitting with his face resting on the desk. He is shocked to find him drunk and unable to even stand properly.

Scene 3

At home. Again the father coming home drunk. He raises his hands to beat his wife but the son takes the blow on himself. The father again lifts his hands to hit his son but this time he has a few surprises in store . His son blocks his every blow and finally overpowers him. The man falls down crying "Oh my son forgive me! I am your father."



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