Tuesday, July 30, 2013

EC Presentations

  Conversational Skills Enhancement Exercise

1. Divide the class into teams of say about 5-6 participants.
2. Then each of them has to make an individual speech on the given topic for one minute.
3. After that they have to interact with the audience by asking thought provoking questions thus inviting ideas and suggestions to the related issues.
Some of the topics selected by the teams were:
1. Movies and society.
2. Gold's own country.
3. Consumerism and environment.
4. Channel Wars.
5. Hobbies for people.
6. Skill based education.
7. World Citizens. 


To give an opportunity to EC students to try and experiment with different styles/strategies of communication.
Number of students participated: 35
Number of teams: 6
Members in a team:4-5
1.Dividing the students into teams of 4-5 members.
2.Asking the students to give a speech about a famous movie which became a classic/ a success story.  The speech will be given by a team member chosen by the team. The speaker should not use in the speech any kind of proper nouns ie., names of people, places, characters, the exact time or year of release of the movie etc.  All the teams will be given a time of say 15-20 minutes to prepare the movie speech and help their respective speakers to deliver the speech in an effective and enchanting manner.
3.While speaking, the speaker should imagine that he/she is talking about the movie to media persons as a part of a media campaign to promote the film among the TV viewers before its official release. So the speech is made at that point of time when the movie is not released yet for the public and so its future is still unknown. 
The movies students chose for giving the speech were:
Pather Pancholi
Pappeyude Swantham Appus
Tare Zameen Par
After the speeches there was an interactive session. All the speakers were seated facing the audience and were asked a few questions about some aspects of the movies which needed more clarification.
One of the most impressive team performances seen during this exercise was the speech presentation for the movie "Classmates". 
It went like this:
Friends...I want all of you to close your eyes for a while....yes that's it...thank you.
Now let us travel back in time to those nostalgic days when we were in college....the dreams in our eyes....the desires in our hearts...the fire in our minds...how much we lived and enjoyed every bit of the campus...sharing our joys and sorrows...those moments of togetherness, break ups and then making up..."nothing was impossible' days.
...OK let's come back....you can open your eyes....thank you.
This is what new movie tries to do....it makes you think about those unforgettable days spent with our friends and teachers. It evokes nostalgic memories. It makes you sing and dance again....and again....and again.....(song heard in the background : lalala lala...lalalalala...lalalalala.....)

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