Wednesday, February 24, 2016


  An "English Communication(EC)" classroom

Number of students: 30
Duration of the class: 2 hours
For whom: IELTS students and for those having personal interviews in future(for jobs,admissions etc.) and also for school students, college students and people who are interested in English communication skills


1. Main Exercise: A few speakers(seven or more) will speak on the selected topic for 2-3 minutes.

2. Ground Work Exercise: Before the main exercise starts a group of people(three or more) from the audience will act as friends(also called friendly circle) and ask the selected speaker a few questions informally and privately to guide him/her in thinking critically and 
comprehensibly about the topic in order to deliver a good speech publically. This can last for 1-2 minutes.

3. Interactive Session: After every speech is over, a few questions will be asked from the audience side about some of the points mentioned in the speech.

4. Doing the ABC: After the speaking exercise is over, the participants can do ABC that means Activity-Booklet Compilation. All the speakers who have delivered their speeches will make a booklet by compiling their speeches in written format for future reference. 


1. Slips: Making a lot of small slips on which the topics to speak are written, folded and kept on the speaking desk to pick and choose for the speaker.

2. Making a friendly circle: Selecting a few students from the first row(to begin with) to help the main speaker to think about the topic and compose a speech mentally.

3. Interaction and discussion: After the speech is delivered, the people in the audience can ask questions or reflect on the content of the speech to probe the topic further to understand and appreciate the English communication skills of the speaker.

Some of the topics for this exercise are

1. A typical festival in your country
2. One of the happiest events in your life
3. Your favourite institution
4. Your ideal home
5. The place where you grew up
6. A person from your childhood whom you admired very much
7. A skill which is also a hobby

A few more topics for doing this exercise are:
Your favourite food/dish
Your favourite actor/stage performer
Your favourite movie/drama
Your favourite short story/poem
Your favourite music/musical instrument
Your favourite dance form/dancer
Your favourite song/singer
Your favourite TV show/channel/personality/anchor
Your favourite historical personality/period
Your favourite country
Your favourite hotel/shop
Your favourite possession
Your favourite tourist spot
Your favourite hobby
Your favourite mode of travel
Your favourite subject to study
Your favourite friend
Your favourite leader/role model
Your favourite game/player
Your favourite celebrity
A person in your family 
What do you like the most about your "self"/job/life/place/state/country/world?
What do you dislike the most about your "self"/job/life/place/state/country/world?
A typical day in your life (a week day).
How do you spend your weekends?
The first day in your school/college/job
An important decision of your life.
A memorable family function
A memorable party
A memorable public function


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