Sunday, March 3, 2013

Scripts - Social Themes



Situation 1

Doctor: I have done the check up. Your grandfather needs to be admitted to hospital tomorrow itself.
Ashok: OK Sir, We'll bring him to your hospital tomorrow by 10 am.

Situation 2

Driver: Some people are blocking the road. We can't go further.
Ashok: Let's see.  We'll talk to them. I think they are hartal supporters.

Situation 3

H1: Today is hartal. Nobody can drive on the road.
H2: You have to go back.
Ashok: I know but my grandfather is in a very serious condition. He is a heart patient. If he is not admitted today he may not be able to survive. He may die. I am sure you understand my problem.
H1 and H2: OK, we think it's a serious issue. You are permitted to go.

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